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Feather Charm 14K Gold

Sale price$250.00

This Feather Charm in 14K Gold is a captivating and elegant piece of jewelry that embodies the grace and beauty of a real feather. Expertly crafted from genuine 14K gold, this charm showcases intricate details that mirror the delicate texture of a feather, creating a stunning and lifelike design. Feathers are often associated with freedom, spirituality, and protection, making this charm a meaningful and symbolic addition to any collection. With its luxurious 14K gold composition, the Feather Charm exudes timeless beauty and sophistication, making it a cherished and versatile accessory for any necklace or bracelet.
  • Feather Charm 
  • Solid 14K Gold
  • 31mm
Feather Charm 14K Gold - GoldandWillow
Feather Charm 14K Gold Sale price$250.00