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Cancer Zodiac Pendant Charm 14K Gold

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Ideal for those born during the Cancer zodiac, from June 21 to July 22, this charm is a tribute to the characteristics of nurturing, emotional depth, and intuition. The design of the Cancer Zodiac Pendant Charm features the Cancer symbol, which is the crab, reflecting the protective and caring nature of Cancerians. Highlighting its strong outer shell and gentle underbelly, symbolizing the protective yet sensitive nature of those born under this sign. For those who resonate with their Cancerian traits or have an affinity for astrology, this pendant charm serves as more than just a piece of jewelry. It can be a source of personal identity, a reminder of their emotional strength and caring personality.
  • Cancer Zodiac Pendant Charm
  • Solid 14K Gold
  • 17mm x 17mm

Each piece is handmade and casted with quality above all else.

14K Gold

Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Cancer Zodiac Pendant Charm 14K Gold - GoldandWillow
Cancer Zodiac Pendant Charm 14K Gold Sale price$250.00

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