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Good Luck Symbols Charm 14K Gold

Sale price$230.00

SKU: 326-C
This Good Luck Symbols Charm in 14K Gold is a captivating ensemble featuring a collection of iconic symbols believed to bring good fortune and protection. This charm incorporates a harmonious blend of elements, including an elephant, heart, evil eye, hamsa hand, and horse shoe, each with its own unique cultural significance. Crafted in 14K gold, this charm not only embodies timeless elegance but also carries a wealth of positive symbolism. The elephant represents strength and wisdom, the heart signifies love, the evil eye wards off negativity, the hamsa hand offers protection, and the horseshoe symbolizes luck. Wearing this multifaceted charm becomes a meaningful and stylish way to embrace the positive energies associated with these revered symbols.
  • "Aloha" Stamp Charm
  • Solid 14K Gold
  • 16mm x 16mm

Each piece is handmade and casted with quality above all else.

This charm includes a solid 14K gold jump ring. Our professional jewelers can solder the jump ring closed onto the bracelet. 



14K Gold

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Lifetime Warranty

Good Luck Symbols Charm 14K Gold - GoldandWillow
Good Luck Symbols Charm 14K Gold Sale price$230.00

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