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Hamsa Hand Charm 14K Gold

Sale price$185.00

This Hamsa Hand Charm in 14K gold is a powerful and meaningful symbol of protection and good fortune. Intricately designed, the charm features the hand-shaped amulet, adorned with delicate patterns and often embellished with gemstones. This Hamsa Hand is revered in various cultures and religions as a talisman against evil and a bringer of blessings. Wearing this elegant and spiritually significant charm not only adds a touch of beauty to one's jewelry collection but also serves as a constant source of positive energy and protection in everyday life.

  • Hamsa Hand Charm
  • Solid 14K Gold
  • 20mm x 15mm

Each piece is handmade and casted with quality above all else.

This charm includes a solid 14K gold jump ring. Our professional jewelers can solder the jump ring closed onto the bracelet. 

Hamsa Hand Charm 14K Gold - GoldandWillow
Hamsa Hand Charm 14K Gold Sale price$185.00